Republic Of You

Dream Weaver Necklace

Republic of You
"Considered a life-force for Native American people and a gift from the Great Spirit, the buffalo represents: wisdom, patience, prosperity, gratitude, abundance, strength, stability, consistency and blessing. The buffalo teaches us... Learn More


Drifters & Rebels Necklace

Republic of You
We like to think of this handcrafted limited edition necklace as a rebels ‘rosary’ for both men and women.It features:• Antique pectoral crucifix, and miniature crucifix both with ebony inlay, circa 1920s, salvaged... Learn More
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Urban Gypsy Necklace

Republic of You
Urban Gypsy is collection of trinkets strung onto sturdy kangaroo-hide leather. Designed to be worn as a long single layer piece, or double wrapped around the neck for a shorter necklace... Learn More
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White Wolf Necklace

Republic of You
White Wolf has been handcrafted in Republic of You's Byron Bay studio, and features:• Deer antler tip pendant• Emu feather pendant• Brass key pendant• Old hand-cast plaited brass bead from... Learn More
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