It's always pretty daunting doing something for the first time. Be it writing a blog post, driving a manual, trying a new sauce at Subway or wearing a certain colour. Like copper. Or chartreuse, which is actually surprisingly versatile. I've been throwing around the idea of starting a blog for Harper Inc for some time, and i've even written ~LISTS~ and done ~BRAINSTORMS~ over what to write about. I have a few ideas, so do stay tuned! Breaking the ice is the hard part, so for the first post, let's keep it short and simple. Like me!


We opened on the 19th of March, 2016. Leading up to that day was a series of late nights involving paint, plywood, steel, and fast food - whatever it took to get us through to that very first Saturday. And what a day! It was a blur of faces, clothing, hugs, and cupcakes. We all ran around like headless chickens from the moment those doors opened, and barely even had time to change the music. Visits from faces both familiar and new were just SO exciting - people knew we were here?! By the end of the day we were a little sick of The Preatures, but we were absolutely buzzing. Seeing our shared vision come to fruition was simultaneously bizarre and extremely satisfying - it honestly didn't feel real.


Fast forward a year and a few months, and here we are - carrying a range of labels from near and far that we are SO extremely proud of, and we continue to meet new people daily who are finding us for the first time. We have regular customers that we are absolutely enamoured with, and even our couriers are awesome. The shop is absolutely crammed with goodies )(especially compared to what it was that first weekend!) and though it can be a little hard to distinguish the black garments on the racks from each other, every single item is selected with love and thoughtfulness. And a little bit of bickering. But that's what keeps it interesting, right?


Through this blog I hope to give you some insight on who we are - as a family, our beautiful staff, and our incredible suppliers. We aim to provide you with the stories that go hand in hand with the choices we make in store and generally give you a sneak peek into what daily life is like here at Harper Inc. I'm super excited - and I hope you are too!


Anything special you're hoping to see here? Is there anything that piques your curiosity about boutique life? Let us know in the comments below!



Courtney x